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Hi Guys!

I am currently working as front-end developer at ExxonMobil. I was away from blog and theme design with wordpress. Meanwhile I develop myself with Bootstrap, Angular-JS, Rest-API, vs front-end related topics. I was working and custumazing ready wordpress templates while I was going high school.

Meanwhile I had degree from Engineering of information Technology and while I was studying I was away from design. I am 5 month newly graduate and got a job from 9 to 5 at Budapest. Wth my empty time (Currently Alot) I want to turnback Wordpress Design and sell my premium themes. Meanwhile with learning curve I decide to use beans framework as my theme base and adming pannel.

Nice to meet you all! I hope we can reach our goals with this community support.

Hi there, I'm just starting reading beans documentation. It looks really amazing so far and I'mexcitet to try it on my next wordpress projetct. Thanks for making beans! Cheers Lore

Hi guys, My name is Eduardo and I'm from Portugal. I'm a self taught front-end developer who loves to build scalable frontend code. I also love WordPress and UIkit, and that's why I found Beans. My first project with Beans will be (hopefully!) migrate my current site's theme πŸ™‚

i need a cake php developer to solve some problems... i have a program just need to develop this. if any one just contact me this mail id: i will pay for this..


My name is Dick Provoost, i live in Friesland, one of the most beautifull parts of the Netherlands.. Made some WordPress websites with Genesis and Cobalt Dynamik end ended up coding php, css and html. Did not succeed in getting a good grasp on the internals of Genesis.

Found Beans and plowed step by step through the docs, basic PHP-files and the UIkit documentation. The community-posts are helpfull to. Exciting! A good explanation on how things are organised. Working on my first Beans-site now and struggling with the css of the nav-menu's.

Like it. Thanks Thierry!

Hi everyone,

I'm Linda from Upstate New York. I'm a creative person who enjoy's designing, writing and blogging. My passion is to help the oppressed find a better life.

Thank you, Thierry for creating the awesome Beans Framework. I love the simplicity, ease of use and the website speed (GTMetrix PageSpeed 100% YSlow Score 99%).

Great Job!


Hello folks,

my name is Forrest Hawes and I'm a developer and civic tech hacker from Seattle, Washington, in the area that many of us lovingly refer to as "Cascadia" -- in the Pacific Northwest. I recently found Beans after searching for Wordpress frameworks that used UIKit, and I'm excited to learn more and contribute to the community in the future! Thanks, Forrest

Hi Everyone,

I'm Yasar Ali, A Pro Blogger, Youtuber, Freelancer & Founder & CEO at I've been running all of my blogs on WordPress platform & much happy with. I blog for living & living is my time-pass.

I've been running many blogs & have good knowledge about it. I've much knowledge about Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing & Freelancing.

If you have any question in the above topics, then feel free to ask me I'm happy to help.


Hi, from Oz

Nice creative work on making Beans, Thierry,



I'm Romain from Paris area, I'm co-founder of pitaya communication. Someone recommend me the genesis framework but as I prefer work in open source project, I search for a open source framework and I landing here.

I found this project very interesting, but before I can help you on the development I have to learn a bit more on how all of this working ^^

Hello, my name is Joe. And I am a bit of a web hobbyist. I've built simple business sites in the past for a family business using wordpress themes, however, what I've customized has always been using bloated themes and bulky plugins and am excited to work with something lightweight and fast (I traded functionality for speed far too often).

I love that this framework uses uikit since a lot of what I used bulky plugins in the past is built right into UIkit (ie mega menus, sticky headers, parrallax images etc).

I look forward to being apart of this community.

Hello! I am Italian and my name is Marina. I am an hobbist and create Wordpress sites for friends and for me. I was looking for a theme for my new blog about sewing patterns, and I found Beans. I know a little html, css, javascript and php, so I am building a child theme that I hope will be right for my purposes.

Hello, my name is Cammy. Computer Science, making WordPress powered websites as a hobby. Happy to have discovered beans just recently as I've been using the Genesis framework. Hoping to contribute to the community once I get familiar to it. Happy day!

Hi Everyone,

I'm Steve Mason. I'm releatively new to WP and very new to WP development. I have a background in legacy banking systems, but am free from that now and want to explore new things, so forgive any stupid posts and questions.



Hello everybody,

I'm Etienne from Geneva in Switzerland. I started to work with WP many years ago and like to develop websites, plugins and themes on my free time. I started to use Beans a few weeks ago and really enjoy it!

Cheers, Etienne

Hello all, I'm Dan from Brighton, UK. Looking to learn as much as I can about using light-weight frameworks like beans. I've built a career on wordpress websites, normally using heavy off the shelf themes that I then chop back and optimise for speed. Now I want to approach it from the opposite direction, starting with something fast that doesn't have any unnecessary code.

I left a support question in the forum last week. No replies yet so I'm wondering if it was a really dumb question or something!

Thanks everyone, hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Hi All! My name is Brad Groat, and I am a developer living in the beautiful west coast of Canada. I started using WordPress a number of years ago, but have recently moved to making it my full-time focus. In searching for a faster way of developing themes I came across the Beans Theme Framework, and I am really enjoying what it currently has to offer.

I look forward to seeing the framework evolve over time, and perhaps eventually contributing to its development, should I be so worthy πŸ™‚

Hi there! My name is Joe and I'm a web developer residing in Baltimore, Maryland. I'm currently working at a small, two-year college and we're in the midst of redesigning our public facing website which is running on SharePoint (absolutely hate it). I'm new to both PHP and WordPress. I've looked at a number of WP frameworks and finally decided to go with Beans over everything else I've seen.

Looking forward to soaking up as much knowledge as I can. I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions as I go!

P.S. Anyone know what's up with updating profile pictures? I see no where to do so when editing my profile.


This Ivan, I represent a web design agency in Lima Peru , since a year ago we started using beans as a our new framework, so far so good, however, i still have some issues with header and footer code that is necesary to integrate from different sources, but my programmers usually fix it :),

Thanks to all the team at beans, keep the work up

Hello, y'all !

I make websites since 1998. Currently I work as PHP developer in an IT sevice company based near Lille, France. It is a long story so I won't tell you now how I landed there... Actually, I have a new client for whom I'm making an extranet with Beans. Along expected chance to get accustomed to the framework ! I have struggled a bit with the documentation in the beginning, but in the end I almost get a result ! πŸ˜€ Seriously, I like the structure and the flexibility of Beans. And I appreciate also that our questions and answers are shared with the community.

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