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Howdy folks,

I am a developer working with WordPress since 2009 and founder of Beans Theme Framework. I previously co-founded a company building extensions for a very popular drag and drop theme and was also part of the WordPress experts at Codeable.

I am truly passionate about WordPress and the Web. During my free time I enjoy any extreme sports, particularly Windsurfing and Mountain Biking.

Ask me about anything, I am always willing to help!

Hey ya'll!

My name is Chris and I'm based in the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa.

I am a designer and front-end developer by trade and have been using Beans since it's conception. I've been designing and building stuff for the web since 2001.

I run, which is home to the free themes I built with Beans. I also post the occasional how to or video tutorial on the blog, so be sure to pop by from time to time 😉

I enjoy helping out folks where I can, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about theming in Beans. I can't promise I'll always have the answer, but I'll help out if I can!

When not working on my network of sites, I can be found either in the garden, our kitchen, in a forest, on a mountain or on a beach. Almost always barefoot 😛

Cool Beans 😉

Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks to Thierry for this wonderful WordPress theme framework. I am also grateful to Chris for sharing his work and knowledge on ThemeButler.

My name is Kanishk and I am a Software Engineer turned into an Entrepreneur residing in Noida, India. I worked as Software Development Engineer at Microsoft India Development Center from 2007 to 2013 where I was part of core development team of Microsoft Office (Excel and OneNote) for mobile platforms (Windows Phone and Android). Halfway through that career, I began developing and publishing my own apps for Windows Phone platform and after getting success (3 million+ downloads worldwide) for my apps, I decided to switch gears and turn into an independent app developer + entrepreneur.

Given the freedom that comes with an independent developer making, publishing and monetizing his own apps and websites, I keep diving into a lot of exciting technologies, platforms and frameworks as and when they attract me.

I love doing web development and build and manage most of my Websites myself. I generally build them with WordPress, CakePHP (now learning Laravel), or just plain static sites (Jekyll or simply Jade+Gulp).

Currently, I along with my Wife run multiple blogs, build apps and games and waste most of our time on non-productive things like playing online games or binge-watching popular series. 😉

You can find more details about me (my apps, blogs etc) on my personal site

I am looking forward to learn more about WordPress development with the Beans community as Beans has certainly sparked my love for WordPress. 😊

Hello folks,

Glad to be here. I am quite new to Beans and also new to WordPress programming. I am very interested on learning a lot about both. I am planning to start a new project soon. Although I am not new using WordPress. I already have some blogs using this great tool. Not new developer though, as I have been programming using Visual Studio. But now I am looking for other tools that are cheaper for the end user and WordPress is what suites my needs. I think Beans is a great framework too.

Thank you very much for the great opportunity to learn more about Beans. This community is a good sign that Beans is here to stay 🙂



Hi All,

Congratulations Thierry!

Great job with Beans and fostering a group of talented and supportive developers.

Nice to meet you all. I am on the East Coast of North America (US) just south of Philadelphia, PA. I have been involved with several WordPress projects and I am happy to have found Beans to help streamline the theming process.

I also have experience with Laravel, Drupal, and I use UiKit for the majority of the theming I do.

I hope to be of help to anyone regarding WordPress, Beans, or any other technologies. Thanks in advance for any of your help.


Hey Community,

My name is Simon Dowdles, and I'm a (near) full stack developer working out of and residing in the beautiful mother city of Cape Town, South Africa. I am largely a PHP developer, but have extensive knowledge in the front end world as well, and can furnish both the front end and back end aspects of the web.

I decided to open up a can of Beans towards the second quarter of 2015, and I can't stop eating it since! I focus on fully tailored WordPress solutions that offer clients the ability to manage absolutely any type of content. Beans has been amazing at allowing me to do this rapidly, securely and reliably.

I've learned a heck of a lot regarding Beans over the past many months, and am keen to share my knowledge and help people innovate as best as they can using Beans.

I look forward to growing with the community, Simon


Hello there, my name is Mathieu. I have recently founded a science communication start-up ( Though I'm not a professionnal developper, I've build little websites for some clients using a very popular WordPress framework. But, for a new huge project, I was searching for a framework that could be both much versatile and beautiful. And I've found Beans Theme.

In a couple of months, I'll launch of website using BuddyPress and built only with Beans.

I'm based in Paris.

Thank you Thierry for your awesome work !


Hi All,

My name is Bas Rennings, originally from The Netherlands, living 9 years in South Africa and since a year in Pietermaritzburg.

I am freelance web designer, developing all my sites with WordPress. Got introduced to Beans 5 months ago and really enjoy working with the framework. I use beans to develop custom themes for my clients.  I learned a lot and still have to learn a lot to make use of the framework in full potential.

Thierry, well done!



Dear Colleagues,

I've been a web developer for about 18 years, working pretty much exclusively with WordPress since 2010.  I run a small web development shop in Oakland, California, typically building sites for clients using premium themes.

In researching ways to work more from scratch, I discovered UIKit last year and became totally smitten with it, and so I was delighted to find Beans after several months of combing the web for WordPress-friendly implementations of UIKit.  I am using it more and more for my own projects as well as client sites.  It is a masterpiece!

My thanks to Thierry for his cheerful and patient personal help getting started.  I get stuck a lot, so you guys will be hearing from me 🙂  And I'll share what I've learned when I can.


Hello everyone, my name is Rio from Surabaya, a tropical city in Java island - Indonesia!

I have been working in website development since 2005 and just started using WordPress in the past 3 years.

I have been developing WordPress theme using my own custom framework, but I was seeing many difficulties to extend it. So I decided to build my latest theme with Beans. I found that Beans is a flexible & extendable WP theme framework that has many advantages compared to other frameworks.

Thierry has been very helpful and prompt with my questions & issues. What a great guy!



My name is Boris from Slovenia - Europe!

I have been working in computer infrastructure like servers, clusters and all kind of network communications.

In meaning time i develop web sites mostly on Wordpress. Before i have been testing some frameworks and then i found Beans Framework. I try it and facinated me, because lightweight, low response times. I tested one site build on that framework and is in top fastest rang on sucuri speed scaner.

Now i am here and want to learn Beans more deep 🙂


Hi, I'm Scooter. I'm relatively new to Wordpress and web development. I got tired to trying to figure out how to optimize my previous theme, so I switched to Beans.

Ahoy there everyone!

My name is Antonio Pavicevac-Ortiz, from Queens county NYC. Before I get into anything else about myself, just want to say a thank you to Thierry! He has created such a keen framework and has been so helpful and kind in helping me getting up to speed with it! Thanks again friend!

As for me, I am pretty new to the development world—September 2011? Lately, however I have been trying to stick to leveling up with JavaScript—that's hard because there so many great tools and frameworks to get into. Anyway, glad to be here!

Hi All, my name is Walter from Italy.

Thanks for this wonderful WordPress theme framework, I am passionate about WordPress and general web.

Hi all,

I'm George from Sofia, Bulgaria and I'm a huge Beans fan. A huge thank you goes to Thierry for putting all the effort in it!

I found Beans while looking for customisable themes and couldn't be happier to be working with it. Since this is my first endevour with it, I am hesitant to share my code yet, but once I get it polished it will all be available on GitHub.

Hello Thierry and everyone.

I'm Rico, co-worker of Rio Asmara now i in progress for develop a theme for first time with Beans.

It's been an honor for getting close with you Thierry.


Hello, I'm Marc from Canada and I'm new to WordPress and HTML5. Have written a lot of PERL/Python code for stand-alone websites, but have recently started building websites with WordPress and decided to use Beans as the template framework.

Thanks to Thierry for a great piece of software and for his effort in replying to our [sometimes basic] queries.


I am Paal Joachim and live in Oslo, Norway. I am a WordPress nut specilizing in design and even more UI.

3-4 years ago I made the web site where I on occasion add various beginner to intermediate tutorials for people to understand how to accomplish certain aspects of WordPress. I am looking forward to writing many tutorials about how to use Beans. Targeted toward the semi-coder/designer/beginner. This also means I am gathering child themes, code snippets etc etc to further understand Beans.

Hello, my name is Jochen from Austria. I just found Beans and love everything about it. Now I plan to use Beans on my marketing blog My first step was to start with the tranlation. Done.

Tomorrow I will start with the child theme...


My name is Alexandra, I'm french and live in the spanish Island of Mallorca! I am a wordpress developer who also love good design, and contractor at codeable (see my profile here).

Until now i was specialised in Genesis, and Thierry which i knew from Codeable introduced me to Beans, and I immediately loved it and passed the whole next week digging in it, and building my own starter theme in order to build new projects with it.

Even if i continue also working with Genesis, I want Beans to become my theme building tool and I hope to also build themes and plugins for Beans.

A part being a super quality and smart framework, which I beleive can really accelerate the theme creation process, Thierry is always super helpfull, and that's also a big +.

I guess Beans will be one of the next big things in the WordPress world, so happy to discover it when it begins!

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