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Hello, Just downloaded Beans and really like it. I am glad it will still be maintianed. Thanks to all invovled!

Hello, I am on a quest to the improve my web design and development skills. I really want to ensure that any site I build will be as fast as it can, and that the site looks perfect on cell phones. Thank You for building this theme and offering it as open source. Coleen

Hello Everyone I have done my BS in Software Engineering and now working on wordpress theme. Beans is the first framework i used and glad to have it. I build a website on beans theme. As shown in name this website is for mobile Information, Specfications and price. I am a learner and New in this field but have high hopes InshAllah


My name is Harald and I am a volunteer for a student-run philosophy journal.

We have been using beans child for quite some time, and we are very happy with it. However, we do have a big problem with some php-notices on our homepage.

The webadress is

Any suggestions for help would be very welcome.

Php-messages are turned off, btw. The problem started some time today, and I have tried to solve it by updating wordpres, the plug-ins and everything else that i could update.


It looks like you have an issue in your style.less. Try removing section by section to see where - ie, a process of elimination. Disabling error reporting would also hide the messages.

Hope that helps 🙂


Dear Chris,

That fixed the problem, thank you so much.

We are planing for some major redesigning this summer, and the webpage seems to be functioning well despite the error notice, and I am not very tech-savy, so I did not try to remove sections in style.less.

The display php-error function was already turned off via the control panel at the domain-provider, but I added some code that I managed to google in a file, and that made the error-notice go away.

Thank you again, Chris.

All the best, Harald

Glad to hear it Harald 🙂 If you paste the contents of the style.less, I don't mind taking a look for you. For future reference, it's better to keep this category for new user intros and rather post via one of the other relevant categories on the forum 🙂

Hello everyone! I'm Akane from Japan. Just found this community today! I hope my writing is okay... It's been a few month since I started using beans to introduce a countryside nature for a part of tourism. I'm still learning how to customize inside and how to be globaly-friendly. I would appreciate if there is any advice of a translation plug-in or an easy-to-customize skill. Thank you for making this theme, I enjoy this.

Hi I'm Maddison. Recently I made a website for myself and now I am trying to understand all the nuances of working with it.

Hey. My name is Bryon. I see a lot of useful and interesting things on this forum.

Hi. I am Hi. I am Ken. I started my business a long time ago. Created a site on the WordPress platform. Now I'm trying to fill it with content myself.

I've been learning C++ for about a half-year in order to work with it. Now I work for and I haven't regretted it because the working circumstances are ideal: regular work/life balance. There will be no more delays or overloads. Every C++ professional has to be able to work at their own pace. They don't mind if you arrive early. The same is true for night owls who are unable to work during the day. Work from the convenience of your own home.

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