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If you create a home.php template file in your child theme, you don't have to register it as a layout as it would automatically be applied to your home page. Moreover, since it is a template file it should rather be registered as a page template rather than a layout if you would like to re-use it.

Are you intending to use the home template elsewhere?


Thanks for the reply Thierry.

My question was more about around having it as a layout option under the post, and add my own icon to show the user the layout so it feels more part of the theme (, rather than the new template name in the template dropdown in page attributes.


Hi Dan,

Here is a snippet which you can use in your child theme to create a custom layout option with a custom template for it:

add_filter( 'beans_layouts', 'example_layout_options' );
 * Add the layouts to the admin options.
 * @param array $args An array of layouts.
 * @return array Layouts ready for Beans 'imageradio' option type.
function example_layout_options( $layouts ) {

  $layouts['example_layout'] = __( 'Example Layout', 'example' ); // You may add a url to your layout image instead of text.

  return $layouts;


add_filter( 'template_include', 'example_template_include' );
 * Filters the path of the current template before including it.
 * @param string $template The path of the template to include.
 * @return string The path of the template to include.
function example_template_include( $template ) {

 if ( 'example_layout' === beans_get_layout() ) {
    $example_template = locate_template( array( 'example-layout.php' ) );

   if ( ! empty( $example_template ) ) {
     return $example_template;

 return $template;

  1. For the snippet above to work, you will have to create a file in your child theme root called example-layout.php which will contain your custom template output.
  2. The layout option in the backend will show as a radio option Example Layout. If you want an image, add the image in your child theme and change __( 'Example Layout', 'example' ) with your image path.

Happy coding,

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