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Hi, I’m Rose, a kiwi currently living in Noosa, Australia.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tonya Mork for the past couple of years at Know The Code and WP Developer’s Club. I’m now very happy to be helping out here at Beans with editing website content and the wikis at GitHub.

I’ve been developing websites for around 20 years and working with WordPress for about half of that. Genesis has been the main platform I’ve been using in that time and since discovering Beans via Tonya, I’m hook - just like coffee beans 😃 I still have lots to learn and am enjoying the ride.

Huge thanks to Thierry for creating this awesome project and spending so much time on it and to Tonya for all her work on it too.

I'm very excited about the future of Beans I look forward to being part of this great community.

Hello everyone! I'm Woolker Cherenfant, a wannabe web developer from Haiti.

I'm glad to be part of this community and hope to bring something on the table while I'm also learning lots from you guys.

Thanks Thierry for such a robust theme framework. I'm using it for my personal blog (in Haitian Creole)

Kenbe rèd tout moun!


Hi everyone. I'm Adlan Khalidi from Malaysia.

I was looking for lightweight and fast Wordpress framework for my next project. That's how I met with Beans.

I guess I'll stay with Beans since we have wonderful community over here. But I have to learn a lot since I've been lazy and doing lots of drag and drop stuff (Visual Composer, Divi & Elementor) for the past 5 years.

Wish you guys all the best and may Beans will grow bigger soon!

Terima kasih semua!

Hello everyone.

I'm sorry for my very poor english, but i'm italian 🙂 I'm a software engineer and a web developer from 1996. I have been working with Wordpress since 2008 and have developed hundreds of sites with it, using mainly Genesis framework. A few months ago I discovered Beans framework and liked it so much that I decided to gradually migrate all the sites of my clients from Genesis to Beans 😉

I started with the restyling of the site of one of my historical clients, Then I developed from scratch, always with Beans, my company website,

I am very satisfied with the code produced with Beans, even if a considerable personalization work with the child themes is needed to develop beautiful sites.

I am proud to be part of this community and look forward to the next release of the framework.



Hi everyone,

I'm a nerd from Leeds, UK. I've been using Wordpress for around 8 years now. I'm new to UIKit though.

Thanks to everyone for all the hard work that has gone into this framework, it's the best experience I've had so far with a WP starter / framework, it's been really easy to use and to find solutions to problems.

I'd really apreciate it if you could have a peek at my bump to this question here:

All the best, ~ Rik

Howdy. My name is Rotimi. I recently graduated college and have started doing Freelance Web Development full-time. I have used Wordpress for over 3 years now. I ran a regular blog for a few years and managed a few customers websites using themes. Currently, I'm working on my first custom Wordpress theme build. I have used Bootstrap in the past and find it is much easier to use than UIKit. However, I really want to get experience with a diverse set of tools so I picked Beans. In the future, I may decide to purchase a paid framework like Genesis or perhaps invest in learning Gantry. Basically, there are only these 3 that I am evaluating. I have read all the Beans documentation and the theming section and I think I am ready to develop my first custom theme. Eventually, I would like to focus on Software engineering with C# and/or Data Analysis with SQL and build some mobile Apps. I would also like to learn Angular JS and perhaps the stack that YooThemes PageKit is built on (Symfony, Vue.js).

After a year or two I will find a project to contribute to, heck, maybe I can become a contributor to Beans.

Hi everybody!

My name is Reid, and I just started working on the Beans template for my website. It's currently in a staging area, but I'm hoping to modify a theme based on Beans and roll it out to one of my sites,

I'm new to Beans, so I'm still getting through what seems to be kind of a steep learning curve, but I'm discovering lots of new stuff everyday.

i live in New Mexico currently, and am spending quite a bit of time these days working on this. Hopefully it will all prove to be worth it in the end!


I've been following this project for sometime and I glad to be using it on my production website.

Thanks to Thierry and others for creating this!

Hello everyone. I am new to this community. Hope I will meet some good friennds here 🙂

Hello Beans-Community,

my name is Marcus. I´m a german webdeveloper and designer and love beans. Currently i work on a basic-solution for agencys to use beans with ACF-Pro and customize backend and frontend with options.

Best regards Marcus

Hi there, I'm more a "try&error" type of guy (and actually not a "real developer"). I started with Genesis but right now, i'm really interested to develop a new theme but kinda feel holt back by Genesis Framework.

However: on the top of my list I really want to use a modern framework with modern technologies. So really looking forward to using beans with UIKit3 and SASS.

So any ETA when Beans would implement UIKIt 3 and SASS? Shall I "wait" or just keep on looking for another framework?

Looking forward to hear from you

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