Beans framework is not being updated any longer.


The latest Beans framework update was in the fall of 2018. There is no lead person and support in guiding Beans forward.

I would suggest that you find another speedy framework to go with instead. Please add suggestions to another framework as well as reasons why you would use it.

NB! Another option would be to let us know that you would like to contribute to the forward movement of Beans.


actualy there sud be a video tutorial for beans for starters. I am ready work on it but conufusing on making index of Topics to cover.

That sounds good Tasz! I have lots of tutorials here: You can look through and get an idea of various topics that would be good to cover.

Btw these days with Gutenberg it would be good to experiment with how to improve Beans to work better with Gutenberg.

No more updates?? o_O Is this the end of Beans? 🙁

i have experimented a new way better then gutenberg. I mixed Yootheme premium theme Features in beans theme. and its page builder was working perfectly in beans. You can see how it works.

But there was some conflict on uikit 2 and uikit 3. I think Let me first develop a child theme which support uikit 3

@christian_weller: The original project leads for the Beans Framework have moved onto other work and are no longer available to lead the project. No one with their skill set has stepped forward to assume leadership. One co-maintainer, Tonya Mork is working with the Genesis Framework, which is now owned and supported by WordPress host WP Engine. Look for elements of the Beans Framework to be incorporated into Genesis.

An update was made by Thierry Muller in the #general channel on Slack.

Thierry Muller [3:46 PM] Saturday 27th of April. Hi @channel, first of all I would like to thank everybody for creating a small but amazing community around Beans. Over the year, other frameworks have stepped up massively, specifically the very promising upcoming 3.0 version of Genesis. While Beans has been waaayyyy ahead of the game for many years, even more so as Genesis was heavily loosing momentum at the time it was created, I believe it is no longer justified to have two similar frameworks growing on their side and trust that Genesis will have a long life now that it has been acquired by WP Engine. After giving it a lot of thoughts, I think it is time for Beans to RIP. So what is next?

  • Creating a landing page on Beans site to make it official (with a link to the old site initially)
  • Making it official on the Github repo (keep it available though)
  • Advising Beans users to move on to Genesis (my preferred choice) You really can’t live without it? Beans will remain available for Download

More information at

Thank you Robert and Paal... but this is really bad news!

Beans was the only reason for me to jump on Wordpress. I simply love the Beans particularity concept with Beans IDs. I love it to delete, replace or move any element with a single line of update safe php code. I love the modular integration of uikit, the LESS integration, the consolidation of all assets in one file, the image API and all those nice other little, sophisticated code ingredients that helps me building websites with the main foucus on SEO. Google Pagespeed is one of the most important indicators for quality code. And Beans has alway given me quality code out of the box with no efforts and it's fast as a shark wihtout any caching plugins!

The last days I have checked a lot of Genesis themes and I havent found a single one that has even come close to what I expect codewise! is proclaiming a SEO friendly framework...with a mobile google-pagespeed of 23?!? Seriously? Are you kidding me??? This is why I'm not even inclined to have a closer look to Genesis so far! I really don't want to work with a framework that lets me drag and drop design elements but has to be pimped with tons of plugins (amp plugin!?).

When will Genesis 3 be published? Which Beans elements will be incorporated? I wouldn't hesitate a second to pay for a framework, that incorporates the Beans concept.

Beans is now being maintained. I'll be working on fixes for the 1.6 branch - focusing on submitted issues listed in github and Gutenberg.

Please feel free to discuss anythinig with me via Slack, this message board. I am open to suggestions and any help.

Cheers, Maurice

I was lucky enough to discover Beans a year ago.

Has made me an "WordPress Expert", because it covers almost any part of WordPress like Fields, Customizer, Post Meta, Term Meta, Options, Markup, Hooks, Compiler, Images etc...

It's sad to hear other frameworks that does not offer as half as Beans offers to have more users base. I made a list of what I think could improve on Beans to be ahead of other frameworks:


  • Support Gutenberg
  • Support other Page builders
  • Maybe new fields like font list
  • Pre made sanitization methods


  • Sanitization for default fields
  • Options values to be saved together in Database
  • Use Uikit to design, not metaboxes in Option Page
  • Upgrade to UiKit 3, Modern, lightweight, and most important no jQuery
  • Less heavy Widgets API, there is a way to achieve what this does using build-in hooks.
  • Less heavy Actions API there is a way to achieve what most this does using filters.
  • Put API on Classes, calling Beans_Markup::open() is better than beans_open_markup() as i know that the method that i am calling is from Markup API
  • Maybe change a little the structure and how templates are rendered


  • Maybe Compiler API is not necessary as new HTTP/2 may change things
  • Image API to regenerate images on backend or maybe removed completely

Hey Joseph B,

I agree - finding beans has helped my development as well.

I'm close to finishing the simple Gutenberg related issues and hope to push them to the repo ASAP. Should you find any issues related to Gutenberg not mentioned in the issues kindly add them.

Regarding thee UiKit 3 upgrade - these two issues are high on my priority list. and

The "Pre made sanitization methods" - do you have any specific suggestions here?

Cheers, Maurice

Hi Paal, I was just about to post my first support query when I noticed this thread, I'm with Christian, Beans is the main reason I switched on to WordPress as a preferred site builder. I "found" Beans, loved the methods, so it feels like my favourite Rock band is breaking up! I've not got much experience of WordPress "under the hood" so I often have to search for answers to what are probably simple issues. e.g. I want to get the primary menu items to show the description. I've seen the Wordpress solution but I thought Beans would be able to resolve this with a line of code? Is there any documentation you could recommend to better understand WordPress and Beans? Are you still of the opinion that it may be better to switch to a different framework? Your thoughts and advice would be most welcome. (And if you have an answer to the menu item question that would be great)

Hey John

I really believed that the Beans framework would be the framework that I would be using for many years. I even built a tutorial web site a few years ago: (I do not know of a Beans solution to showing the menu descriptions.) I have not made any new tutorial for a while.

Because of the lack of active development I have had to look for other solutions. I have tested a bunch. The goal was to find the fastest theme and then begin to experiment with it. I came over Gridd by Aristath and Jarvis theme under development by Ben.

The Gridd theme uses the customizer in an unicue way to make adjustments to the theme and has yet very little code documentation for adjusting the theme through the functions file. It is very different from Beans. Jarvis is under development and has very little code docs.

I would suggest to experiment with various themes and see what you prefer.

Hello John and Paal,

I"m currently upgrading Beans to work with UiKit 2, UiKit 3 and bootstrap. It is taking longer than I hoped for. I've made several changes to Beans and am hoping the community will accept them. All my wordpress development is still with Beans as I much prefer it to Genesis or anything else I've found.

Cheers, Maurice

Hi Maurice Thanks so much for the update, it's good to know there is still development being carried out. I had found WordPress a bit of a necessary evil in the past but for me Beans actually gives it a structure that makes more sense to me. I was already quite familiar with UIKIT so by adding Carbon Fields I can get most things done without any added plugins. I'd been keen to help with development I'm a competent programmer but I feel I need to know more about WordPress, PHP and Beans; have you any recommended resources I could access to get a better understanding? Thanks John

Hi John,

I was in the same boat - been codeing for years and people kept asking me for wordpress projects. I did not like wordpress until I found which is made by Tonya who did a fair bit of the code here. Spend the time learning her course it is worth the effort .

I use the plugins:

   wp plugin install debug-toolkit
    wp plugin install formidable
    wp plugin install google-analytics-dashboard-for-wp
    wp plugin install post-types-order
    wp plugin install query-monitor
    wp plugin install wps-limit-login
    wp plugin install rollbar
    wp plugin install seo-by-rank-math

Also Advanced Custom Fields, (With this - wp-rocket for caching.


And use to setup your development environement.

Hi Maurice Thank you for the links, I'll defintely check out the knowthecode. I look forward to seeing progress with Beans, if you ever need any assitance with testing please let me know I'd be happy to help. Cheers John

THank you John, I will take you up on that.

Cheers, Maurice

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