WooCommerce and WPML compatibility?

The Beans frameworks seems to be very impressive. How compatible is it with WooCommerce and WPML? I want to make sure it will fit the right jobs at hand.

Thank you for your help

Hey Afonso,

The Woocommerce compatibility has been discussed here.

The other thread of interest is this one.

I've set up a Child theme based on Beans, with WooCommerce, and it seems to work fine.


Yuna M.

Hey David, welcome to Beans Community!

While Beans doesn't declare WooCommerce support, it should work fine out of the box and you should not have to do anything. In fact, many website built with Beans are running WooCommerce πŸ˜‰

Regarding WPML, I don't use it personally but I have tested Beans with and didn't encounter any issue.

If you encounter any challenges, feel free to start a discussion and we will gladly help you out.

Happy coding,

Hehe, Yuna you beat me to reply by 16 seconds πŸ™‚

Yes, Thierry, you're a slowpoke πŸ™‚

Thank you for the comprehensive reply. I would suggest looking at the functionality of the search engine, as I did do a search for Woocommerce and found nothing on the forum entries. Cheers

If you do the site-specific search, like this : woocommerce site:getbeans.io in Google's search box, then you'll get a number of entries.


Hey David,

That is odd, if I search the term Woocommerce in the forum search (sidebar), I get whole lot of results (replies and discussions are tagged). As Yuna said, you can google things site specific which is a great trick and even if I google beans theme woocommerce I get relevent results.

Are you not seeing the same?

Hum... I must have mistype Woocommerce... I'm so very sorry.

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