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Hey, newbie WP, i'd like to drive beans to https. I've ssl certificat on server and set my .htaccess. There are 644 http request in database so i get broken padlock and badly alert.

Hi Olivier and welcome the Beans Community,

It is very difficult to say what is causing the issue without seeing the actual page, could you perhaps provide a link to your site?

If you have just switched from http to https, you might just have to flush your cache so that the assets urls updates accordingly. Please refer to this reply for more info.


Hey Olivier,

Thanks for sending me the link to your website privately. The website is currently inaccessible and blocked because of the SSL error. I really doubt this is due to Beans but rather to an incorrect SSL setup. You could try to switch to another theme to see if the error still occurs, I think it will be the case.

I would advise to make sure your SSL certificate is installed correctly and ask for help to your host if need be.


Hey Thierry,

Sadly, can't show the link in the forum, cause it's still on the run and I'm not the only decider, I've partners. Long to do it 😀

https & SSL are setup by a society who only does things about server, we won't loose time to search on that way, I've already set-up around 10 themes to play with, it's safe there.

In fact I've already had this kind of trouble when we change from http to https and ssl.

I cannot bring back any media to the theme with http request otherelse I loose the padlock and get bad advertisement. (eg: get photo from: http://anyWebSite/pict.png would cause https break, must be https://anyWebSite/pict.png).

I've been searching around throught your files any http request that could bring back something, I didn't find any. I also thought it could be when we call Ui-kit, but it's include in lib/api.

Thanks anyway for your time.

Hi Olivier,

As I mentionned above, your domain isn't accessible via https which isn't Beans related (see here). If you want to try, you can even move your entire WordPress folder out of your server root and only add an index.html file, you will see that the https error is still there.

Kindly see with your hosting company or whoever installed your SSL certificate to make sure it works properly.


Hello Thierry, thanks I'll try it as soon as possible, it means two or three hours and I'll give you the feedback . Thank-You.

Hello Thierry, you're definitively right. Thank-you.

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