Beans framework is not being updated any longer.

Hi Maurice,

Extremely happy to read you will continue to maintain Beans. Hopefully there is a future for beans and we will not be forced towards Genesis... Any idea on the timeframe for Beans 1.6?

Although I am only an average developer, if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Kind regards, keep Beans alive! Olaf

Thank you Olaf,

I've had preliminary discussions with Thierry regarding access to the github repository. Nothing is official as of now.

Currently, I'm working with Disnel to maintain and improve Beans. He is answering some questions here and building some custom child themes / plugins with Beans and UiKit-2.

In a test environment, I've decoupled Beans to UiKit2 - and have created a plugin for UiKit 3 (currently not working and being developed).

You can reach out to me in Slack, and I can give you access to a version that I'd like to release as 1.6.

Cheers, Maurice


for me UiKit3 is most important. I dont need new functions for now, just better (newer) frontend. So If you can post somewhere your plugin for UiKit 3 and decoupeled Beans, it will be awesome. Slack invite link no longer works for me.

thx Vita

Hello Vitezslav,

I'm currently working on the compliler for uikit 3. I'm planing for the next 2-3 weeks to have the alpha ready. I'll keep you posted here.

Cheers, Maurice

Hi Maurice,

any update on uikit 3 and beans integration?

Hello Vitezslav,

I'm very close. I've made two plugins - one for uikit 2, and one for uikit 3.

I replicated the site on both, and the uikit 3 one is almost ready for testing.

Uikit 2 - with demo site is completed.

Current Status of the Demo Site.

  • Toolbar works.

    • Menu works - I'm adding some options to make it easy for sticky, or static.
    • Sidebars are almost complete (Few hours away)
    • Footer (Not Started)
    • Layout (works but does not hightlight correctly).

    My plan is to finish these items this week.

The differences are:

The differences are:

I've also temporarly removed all the tests. Those will get added back asap.

FYI - this is getting very close. I worked full time last week, and will this week on it.

I'm going to use uikit 3 in 2 production over the next month and plan to refactor a few that use uikit 2 into uikit 3.

I'm adding a bit more documentation and adding a couple of minor items. I'll post a copy of the site using uikit 3 along with the code very soon.

Following updates on the release. Thanks!

Hello all,

This is by no means an offical release, and is constantly being updated. I'm refactoring a couple of sites and making the changes as needed.

We will be writting some documentation once everything is stable.

You can follow the steps in to copy the "Beans Demo site". Do this on a fresh installation of wordpress for best results.

Any bugs or improvements let us know and will fix them ASAP.

Cheers, Maurice

Thanks @mauricetadros for maintaining beans.

I am new in development and in Beans Community and this is a sad news for me :'( Beans is the first framework i used for wordpress and spend days to l earn it via tutorial and working on project. I am very sad actually more then sad want to cry because i am in love with beans. Hope the miracle came and beans start growing up again. At the end sorry for my English

Hi all. I am now using Sage 10 as default theme for my projects instead of Beans. You can look at it at It's more complex than Beans, but you can choose CSS framework. I use it with Tailwind.

For more easy websites I use oxygenbuilder.

I have 4 sites that use Beans and I'm in the middle of developing a fifth. this thread seems to have gone a bit quiet, am I in danger of running into problems in the future?

Hey Kim

The last time Beans was updated was in the fall of 2018. When creating a new site I would advise on not using Beans. I am gradually transferring my own sites from Beans over to other alternatives. There are two client sites I will transfer over to other themes this fall. At this time I do not know which theme that will be.

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