Working with less file


Congratulations for your work. I dive into Beans.

Can you confirm we have to "flush the cash" everytime, we change the less file into our child theme for the changes to be effective ?

"New compiled files are re-created on the fly."

There is no gulp watch able ?

ps : sorry for my english i am a french frog

Hi and welcome the Beans Community,

No you don't have to flush cache everytime, you can simple enable development mode in Admin->Appearance->Settings and it will read your file change and automatically recompile next time you re-load the page if any change were made (no task runner needed).

Have fun,

PS: I think everybody would appreciate if you could use a name on your profile, even though it might not be your real name if you prefer not to πŸ˜‰

Thank you for your answer. It's more clear for me now.



I try today in real life and it sadly doesn't work. I have to "Flush the assets cache" and "reload the page for my changes" to be effective. If i only reload the page it doesn't work... I am under windows 10 with Easyphp. i have checked the "Enable development mode". An idea ?

To see the facts :

Hey Nicolas,

That is interesting, I just setup an install on Windows 10 with Easyphp and everything works smoothly. Could you perhaps take a screenshot of your Easyphp home page so that I can see your settings and try to reproduce the issue?


Thank you Thierry to take time to solve my problem. I think it's going to be hard to reproduce the issue...

I notice some error in the console about error 304

Hope it helps you. But i am not sure i will use Beans in the future so don't waste your precious time on my issue. I think but i am certainly wrong it's not a good idea to add a layer over wordpress. I think you know your system but it's too hard for me to understant the whole logic of your framework.

Thanks for all. Cheers

Hey Nicolas,

I have done further testing and can't reproduce your issue. If you are willing to do more testing, I am happy to give you further instruction on how to debug it.

I can confidently say that learning Beans and UIkit will save you a ton of time later on. That said, I completely understand that you might be very busy and can't really invest time in learning a new tool. You will read from those who have learned Beans and UIkit and found its magic, they won't turn back and as they fell in love with it.

We understand that no tool is made for everybody as each dev have their preferences πŸ™‚ If you ever decide to come back to it, we will be here to help πŸ˜‰

All the best,

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