WordPress Theme into Beans Framework

I currently have an existing Wordpress website running Total Wordpress Theme. I want to keep the existing content but rebuild the site using Beans framework so that it's much quicker, slicker and easier to build upon.

What's the best way to do this?


Copy the API folder from Beans Framework to your theme.

In your theme, open functions.php and write this code:

// Load the `init.php` file from API folder.
require_once( get_template_directory . '/api/init.php' );

// Load Beans API components. This will automatically loads component's dependencies.
beans_load_api_components( array(
    // 'term-meta',
    // 'post-meta',
    // 'image',
    // 'wp-customize',
    // 'compiler',
    // 'uikit', // if you use uikit.
    // 'template',
    // 'layout',
    // 'widget',
) );

You can remove components that you don't want. Personally I would implement actions and html first.

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