Why can't i get the code snippets to work?

Hi Mark and welcome to Beans Community 🙂

I just re-tested both snippets and they work as expected. This leads me to think that there might be an issue with your setup. Could you kindly confirm that you followed the steps below:

  1. Dowload and install Beans.
  2. Download and install Beans Starter Child Theme.
  3. Add your code snippet in your Starter Child Theme functions.php after all the code.
  4. Active Beans Starter Child Theme.


Hi, Theiry. Thank you very much. Yes, i followed those steps. I have a site set up using a Beans child theme. I can try redoing all that if you think it will help.

Hey Mark, this is very odd since all the snippets are working on my side and very commonly used by other users.

Since this seems to be specific to your install, could you perhaps create a temporary ftp account and send it to via private message (it will be kept 100% confidential) so that I can take a look at what is going on?


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