Where to Start Editing Submenu

I was wondering if someone could guide me to where I should start editing the submenu of the primary menu.

I basically want to kill the drop down and do a horizontal slide in at a specific location. I haven't worked with frameworks before, but I have been using html/css/php for over 10 years as a hobby at minimum.

Any extra explanations on what and why would be very appreciated. I've gone through some of the Docs but I'm still a bit confused.


Note: I've been able to adjust it, so far (I'm not done yet), with using plain css on the page. Is this the right way to approach this?

Hi Grant and welcome to Beans Community 🙂

Styling with CSS is ok but you might be able to make use of some the UIkit variables instead of overwritting the CSS. If structural changes are needed, you could make use of Beans HTML API or potentially WordPress custom menu walker if you want to completely re-write the menu HTML.

Could you post a quick wireframe of what you want your menu to look like so that we can point you to the right direction?


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