What is .beans-skip-links?

It makes an box-shadow, but it is empty?

Hi Marcus,

skip-links are an addition to increase accessibility. Keyboard users can skip to different sections of the website.

If you click into the address bar of your browser and press the tab key, you will see a little box pop-up that says Skip to... .

If you hit enter you will be 'transported' to that section and the screen-reader will read from that point.

Hi Christoph,

thanks, but i can not see a little popup that says "skip to ..." on Safari or Firefox. And the box-shadow can´t be removed with less.

Hi Marcus,

I just tested on Firefox and it works as expected on getbeans.io (I can't test Safari). Did you remove main content, sidebars and navigation?

Hi Christoph,

the sidebar is removed and the main content is overwritten by own loop.

Hi Marcus,

Looks like I did not completely account for this in the skip link code.

I just submitted a Pull Request https://github.com/Getbeans/Beans/pull/337/files

If you'd want to test it, please replace the code in your Beans theme with the code in the pull request.

And then you most likely have to add this to your child theme: add_filter( 'beans_skip_links_list', '__return_false' );

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