Welcome our new co-maintainer, Tonya Mork!

Welcome Tonya Mork who joins Beans as a co-maintainer

Hi Beans Community,

Today is a monumental day, Beans Community is fortunate to have Tonya Mork join as a co-maintainer.

Quick introduction

There is just so much to say about this truly amazing and inspiring person, but I will try to summarize it. Tonya is an outstanding Engineer, Educator, Mentor, Advisor and Author with a wealth of experience and a truly inspiring story. She is the person behind KnowTheCode, the WPDeveloperClub and so much more.

I would strong advise to take 10 - 20 minutes to browse the various links in the paragraph above to learn more about Tonya and get a better understanding of what it means to have her onboard.

What does it mean for Beans and its Community?

Having Tonya onboard is a HUGE win for Beans and its community. Tonya bring Engineering, Education (video tutorials) as well as strong Project Management skills. On top of that, she brings along her WPDeveloperClub which I strongly advise all of you to join today.

When can you expect to see a change?

The one thing I have learnt in my career is not to make promises, so I am not going to do that now πŸ˜‰ That being said, Beans is completely open source and I want to be very transparent about the discussions we had with Tonya. The plan we have discussed is to pick up development and map the next release which will be public, most probably on GitHub Project Board so that anybody can see it and contribute to it.

On her side (I will let her speak more about it for herself), she is planning to contribute to development and start video recording tutorials just like she did for Genesis in the past.

We also talked about Beans future and the strategy moving forward. For example, I would love to introduce community meetings every second week to discuss Beans development, releases etc.

Last but not least, we discussed about a potential market place to give a chance to everyone to monetize child themes and plugins for Beans.

I would like to mention again that none of the above are set in stones, it is the beginning of a journey which we would like to approach in an Agile fashion.

Beans belong to anyone, and you are part of it!

There is something I would like to emphasis, Beans belongs to the community and anyone can make a change. Having Tonya onboard is undeniably the biggest news in the history of Beans, but Beans needs you too. Now is the best opportunity to get involved in the project.

Stay tuned!

We will definitely keep you in the loop and give more information as we go πŸ™‚

Community, please give a very warm welcome to Tonya Mork!

This is an amazing news! I know very well Tonya, as she is my mentor since 2 years, and helped me to make huge progress in code. With Thierry and Tonya, i guess we will have the highest quality wp framework ever! The community meetings and market place are great ideas ! Very impatient to see the future development of beans !

Thank you for the warm welcome, Thierry! It's an honor to join this community and be a part of our continued growth and innovation.

Hi everyone, I'm Tonya. I bring over 30 years of engineering, architecting, and lead experience to the team. My focus is on helping our community and you to get more done, build better products, better serve your clients, and prosper.

I'm thrilled to partner up with Thierry and do my part to continue the amazing work he's done. As he said, we are working on a roadmap of:

  • New features
  • Education
  • Rapid start and lowering the learning curve
  • Marketplace
  • Community showcase
  • Community growth and participation

We need you. Beans is a framework intended to help you get more done and build amazing themes and sites for your projects and clients. It's your framework. We need your feedback and participation. We'll be presenting various opportunities to get you involved and show off what you do with our framework.

As Thierry said:

  • Be patient. Growth will come.
  • Get involved.
  • Give us feedback.

Together, let's grow Beans and our community.

Cheers, Tonya

This. Is. Awesome.

Tonya, it is very nice to be introduced to you. I look forward to researching your work and watching you take Beans to the next level. What really draws me to Beans is the API and Google PageSpeed score it can reach out of the box.

Patience with this framework has really paid off. So glad to see some TLC and a future for Beans.

Hello @thekquinn,

Thank you. It's wonderful to meet you too.

What really draws me to Beans is the API and Google PageSpeed score it can reach out of the box.

Thierry did an amazing job delivering both of these in Beans!

Patience with this framework has really paid off. So glad to see some TLC and a future for Beans.

We're glad that you stuck with Beans. Now it's time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work to grow the future of it and our community.

Cheers, Tonya

Welcome Tonya ! Very happy to know that you joined the team ! This is a great news.

I'm Mathieu, and I would be happy to help you, if I can !

Once again, welcome !


Hello @matman,

Thank you for your warm welcome. I'm excited to be here with you.

I would be happy to help you, if I can !

Perfect. There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Have a productive week. Cheers, Tonya

This is wonderful news for the progression of the Beans Framework! I will continue to help out in whichever way that I can (likely with additional tutorials).

Have a great day!

Paal Joachim

Wow, that makes my day. Had trouble choosing between Genesis and Beans. Found KnowTheCode and fell in love with Tonya's Genesis and Workflow/Programming lessons. But also found it difficult to leave Beans, the first framework i began to understand. Congratulation with this partnership Tonya and Thierry! Looking forward to what will happen next and hope i will reach a level that enables my to contribute in my own way. A lot of succes and joy with the roadmap!

Hello @paaljoachim,

Excellent! We welcome your contributions!

I'm excited to pitch in and help where I can to grow Beans and our community.

Have a productive rest of your week! Cheers, Tonya

Hello @dick,

Thank you for the kind words!

Had trouble choosing between Genesis and Beans.

Well now you don't have to choose between Genesis and Beans. I will be creating a complete set of hands-on coding labs along with tips and insights to help you get more done in Beans.

Today, I laid out the landing pages for Beans on Know the Code:

Stay tuned as I build new content for both of the above.

hope i will reach a level that enables my to contribute in my own way.

There are many ways to contribute from helping us test beta releases to documentation to promotion to coding. We'll be sharing diferent opportunities along the way.

Looking forward to what will happen next... A lot of succes and joy with the roadmap!

Me too! I'm thrilled to partner with Thierry and all of you.

<happy coding>


Welcome!! This is... wow, this is great. Beans is an amazing tool and I'm glad to see that we're bringing it to the next level. I look forward to pitching in.

I am working on Beans Child themes since 8 month and made lots of progress. I was thinking to make few plugins which is natively support beans theme. This is good time to get Envolved. Thanks Team Bean and all members.

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