Viewport height in uikit

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share something that bugged me so that others won't get this problem... for some unknown reason, uikit defines the following variable (tm-beans/lib/api/uikit/src/less/core/utility.less):

@utility-height-viewport-min-height: 600px;

This means that a mobile device in landscape mode will most certainly get it's viewport height set to 600px instead of its actual height (320, 360 or whatever it is).

So I now add this in my LESS to override this stupid setting:

@utility-height-viewport-min-height: auto;

Hope this will help someone!


Thanks for sharing Marc, I agree that the min-height should be less that 600px. I am sure others will appreciate your knowledge sharing too πŸ™‚

Have fun,

Would it be possible to set this to "auto" in beans on your end so that others don't end-up with similar problems?

Hey Marc, I added that to the improvement request list, keep an eye on the changelog πŸ™‚


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