varied widget grid (solved to satisfaction)

Hi all,

I'm trying to change the grid behavior on a footer widget so that I can have it in a

1-4 / 1-4 / 2-4 style. Normally it would be displayed in a all 1-n column.

I've found this discussion that somewhat matches my question but the widget area's are much different than the post loop.

A more dirty approach is hoping there are no more than three widgets in the widget-area and rewriting the attributes, but I find this to be pretty unpractical since there are so many scenario's that will break it. Specifically because I can only target the last column if I know the specific subfilters.

beans_replace_attribute('beans_widget_grid[_fat-footer]', 'class' , 'uk-width-medium-1-3', 'uk-width-medium-1-4');
beans_replace_attribute('beans_widget_grid[_fat-footer][_custom_html][_custom_html-11]', 'class' , 'uk-width-medium-1-4', 'uk-width-medium-2-4'); // replace last one for a 2-4

Any good idea's on how to solve this puzzle?


Never mind, used this code-snippet outlined in this discussion to solve my need. Added an array that can be updated if needed to divide the grid as intended.

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