Using Beans for Multisite

I've started building child theme using Beans framework and I have question about CSS that gets created through compiler. Let's say I have 100 subsites created through WP multisite and they all use same child theme. If I modify style.less that will impact all 100 sites, do I manually have toggle each subsites to development mode in order for CSS to compile? If every site uses same CSS, would it be better to have global CSS instead of using complier?

Hi Nori, yes the option is site base. However, I will look into a custom solution for that asap. I will let you know as soon as I am able to look into a custom snippet.


Would love to hear about this too!

Hey guys, I would like to explore this a bit further and look into adding a filter which would allow you to do so. Would that be only for the Styles and Scripts or also for the images?


Styles and scripts only for my need. Either have option to use global style/script or have a method of enable/disable development mode via network. Not sure which option makes more sense.

Thanks for reaching out!

a method of enable/disable development mode via network. would be awesome

Any news on beans settings via network? 🙂 I'am really tired of flushing every single subsite, just because of a few changes in LESS .... aaargh :(((

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