User Contributed Code Snippets

Just a thought, why not make a feature on the website for users to contribute code snippets? There are a lot of useful bits of code that are contributed in the forum, but these are often difficult to find since the questions aren't always so clearly labeled. These would need to be approved by the Beans team, of course, but it would be nice if this stuff could find its way to the code snippets page, making it easier for new users to find what they're looking for. Anyone else think it would be a good idea?

Hi, I totally agree with you :-)

I had a question about registering a dropdown menu into the customizer, but the final code is about footer widgets layout, so where could I post it if I want to share ?

By the way I thank all the people here because I could only make it with your own snippets 😉

Sounds good to me! Would be super useful.

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