Hi Everyone,

Jerry here,

I am gradually getting into Beans as I create my first site. I love the concept, but its tough to understand. I have spent ages on the header and am having a bad time due to the UI sticky. There is an inline style called "uk-sticky-placeholder" that is 171px high. It is hanging down below my header. I simply need to change it to 103px high. Well it is not simple. I have been trying to accomplish this for a long time so now reaching out here. I have already tried:

.uk-sticky-placeholder { height: 100px !important;

In both styles.less and styles.css. Please can you let me know how to change the height of uk-sticky-placeholder in my child theme. Note: I am using the default Beans child theme.

Also, in the same header I want a div top right where I can add a top menu.

Thanks in advance. Frustrated here,

Well some how by trial and error I was able to take care of this.

I added this to functions.php //uk-sticky-placeholder class beans_remove_markup( 'beans_site' ); beans_remove_markup( 'theme_article','uk-sticky-placeholder' );

And this my css .uk-sticky-placeholder { height: 103px !important;

It works!

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