uk-modal position

Hi everyone, I have a problem with uk-modal wich is always centering to the screen. For a modal with more content that can lead to the start of the text being hidden at the top of the screen. You have to scroll it down to start reading. It there a way to have to top of the modal positionned where I want it to be ? Thanks in advance for any hints. Lore

Hello Lore,

Hmm, I'd need to see your modal's HTML markup before I could before advise you. Do you have a URL to share with us?

Also, the uk-modal is from UIKit. Have you checked out the [UIKIt Modal documentation]

Hi Tonya, I'm sorry for my late reply, your answer got completele lost in mail mailmountain 🙁 Here comes the url

There are some modals opening allright, others don't. I don't see what causes the difference.

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