UIKit 3 Beta. Anyone tried it?

Is there a game plan for implementing UIKit 3 into Beans? I realise it's still in Beta but they seem to be pushing that out over 2.

I tried incorporating the less components into my Beans test build (by tweaking the assets.php file) but grid.less was giving me the blank screen.

Anyone else tried it?

I've tried UIKit 3 out before, just not with Beans. Its integration into Beans has been discussed before - the verdict seemed to be that we're awaiting a stable UIKit 3 release.

One concern I have is being able to enqueue and dequeue components. UIKit 3 doesn't seem to allow you to pick and choose components like UIKit 2 does. (Could be wrong about this...)

Thanks for that. It looks like the recomended approch currently is to enqueue UIK-3 .less files as well as UIK-2. Not ideal but this is just an experimental sandbox site. UIK3 definitely has a nifty pack of tricks I'm keen to trial.

There is a package of .less components BTW. https://github.com/uikit/uikit/tree/develop/src

Thanks for the link! How'd I miss that one...

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