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Hello, just starting with the Beans Theme, very happy with it but need some basic info. How do I change the font in the Header...?


I'm just starting with Beans too. 🙂

Looks like the best way to change things is to 1st, create a Child Theme Then in your child theme's style.less file you can add the LESS variables and swap out the values.

You can copy and paste these and change the font and size:

@navbar-nav-font-size:                          14px;
@navbar-nav-font-family:                        "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

I hope that helps!

Thanks, will give this a go!

OK, I installed the child theme and added the two lines to the style.less file and the font of my navigation bar changed.

So I understand the concept but now I need to know, where did you find "navbar-nav-font-size" as the identifier to change the font size of the navigation bar? And consequently, how do I find the equivalent identifier for the title in the top left of the page?

Explore the Beans theme for .less files.

You can do a search or those in a text editor and you'll see a bunch of variables at the top of many of those files.

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