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I would like to know what is the easiest and cleanest way to set CSS font properties for a child theme using beans and not have to override this information for each HTML tags.

Hi Marc, I am not sure I understand a 100% your query. What properties do you want to change?


Specifically the font-family and font-size.

Hey Marc,

You can set it using the UIkit variables. For example to modify the global font family you could add the following to your style.less:

@global-font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

You would indeed change "Helvetica Neue" to the font you want to set.

Font size is the @global-font-size variable and so on. Please refer to this discussion where I explain more about Beans and UIkit styling and how to find the variables 🙂

Hope that helps,

Perfect, working as expected. Thanks again!

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