How to call mobile off-canvas-bar on desktop

~~Does anyone know how to open off-canvas menu with the default #my-id? ?

<button class="uk-button" data-uk-offcanvas="{target:'#my-id'}">...</button>

~~#offcancas_menu doesn't work or am i using the wrong id?

I am using off-canvas on mobile with the default design (icon button)

I modified the design to also appears on desktop with a different design. The way I did it means to call the canvas bar same as the mobile structure but I'm not sure how it's being called. Tried looking in beans core files but obviously I'm not sure where I'm supposed to look.



My mistake is not calling the off-canvas-bar

I'm still learning how to make changes using actions and filters.

How would I call the


That's the challenge.

You can use this code to get the menu button

<a href="#offcanvas_menu" class="uk-button" data-uk-offcanvas="" data-markup-id="beans_primary_menu_offcanvas_button"><i class="uk-icon-navicon uk-margin-small-right" data-markup-id="beans_primary_menu_offcanvas_button_icon"></i><!-- open output: beans_offcanvas_menu_button -->Menu<!-- close output: beans_offcanvas_menu_button --></a>

iether use it inside function or in you own header function if you have ur own header funtion

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