Switching Replacement Icons

Removal of fontawesome check.

add_action( 'beans_uikit_enqueue_scripts', 'example_enqueue_uikit_assets' );
 * Dequeue the UIkit component.
function example_enqueue_uikit_assets() {
    beans_uikit_dequeue_components( array( 'icon' ) );

I've included my chosen replacement. Now the conflict i seem to be having is getting them all loading in all the correct places. The basics thats already included like close, overlay search - I should overwrite them in my child theme less files correct or is there a better way...


Hi Dee,

You could overwrite this file and add your icon set content for each icon class, though I don't think it is the best approach. Are you replacing the icons with your own custom ones or with an icon set?


Thierry, Not custom -just an icon set for the basics that useses fontawesome

An icon set to replace fontawesome

Hey Dee,

Sorry but I am not sure I understand, UIKit use fontawesome icon font. Could you point me to the specific icon set you are planning on using?


My mistake for the confusion.

I figured it out . mistake made on my part.

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