source maps and live reload


I really love beans more and more, and it has now become my principal framework ( i was using genesis before) , and also with the intensive use i have 2 things that i really miss:

-The source maps : if you write lot of css/less its is difficult to retrieve it without it, i do partials, it helps, but sometimes i have to make global search.

I know you are working on it, but it's just to say that it's really something i miss

-The live reload when i save my less files: i am wondering if you can do something with that:

The fact is that i would really prefer to have to compile myself my less files with codekit, gulp, grunt or whatever, than having them autocompiled and missing these features. but i like the benefit to have everything minified , concatened, and load per page

It is just my opinion.

I am wondering if there is options for me to not use the compiler but keep the other benefits, or program them myself with something like gulp for ex.

And at last, the otehr thing i miss is scss, not because of the way to use it, less is basically the same, but there is so much more libraries of mixins like bourbon for ex...

Just some thoughts that for me would make beans more than perfect !

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