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The website I'm working on is hosted at Arvixe -- and my child's style.less file is apparently not being implemented. I "chatted" with them and they asked whether java is required and what the server requirement is for less files. Since I promised my friend I would get her website "up and running" over this weekend, time is kinda of the essence and I am seriously unhappy with Arvixe. However, if I can get an answer to these java-and-server questions, that might fix the problem quickly.

I can of course fall back on a style.css file. But LESS is so awesome!!

I can supply a URL to my development site if you need it.


The style.css file was not being implemented, either. Turns out that I looked at the code to see how the css was being imported, and the Arvixe folks said they "don't support that widget" on their shared hosting plan. I would have had to upgrade to a 40-per-month hosting plan in order to make Beans work correctly.

Well, pooey on that. So never mind on this question. Well, I suppose it would come in handy to know the answer given that I now have to search for another hosting service provider for my client, and she's not happy about the one I use. (Political reasons.)

Hi Wyn,

You don't know to run anything specific on your server as the compiler is PHP based, not Java or NodeJS.

Please share a link to you website (which might help) or post credentials using the contact form (your credentials are keep confidentatial indeed) so that I can take a look.


PHP based, hmmmmm? Then the problem should not have happened. Here is the url:

The background should be #ffe, and the font throughout should be Georgia. I put that first into style.less, and then into style.css. Neither took effect.

As a result, I am definitely leaving that hosting company. Ptooey on them. I am currently developing my child theme on a different hosting company, and all is working just fine.

Hey Wyn,

I see that the website is not in development mode (Appearance->Settings). If you are not in dev mode, you changes in your style.less won't apply automatically (for performance purposes, you have to Flush Assets for your changes to take effect. If you want Beans to read you changes and apply it automatically, you have to be in development mode.

Hope that helps,

Dang, I guess that's an oops on my part. I thought I saw the markup_id thingies in the code, so apparently thought I was in dev mode. However, style.css wasn't being implemented, either. So that is still a puzzlement.

In any event, I have abandoned the idea of staying with that hosting provider (my client's), and development on my own provider is going just fine. Of course, it turns out I will be moving all my own websites to a different provider next month. Before I plop down major money for that, I plan to ask if their environment will "support" Beans. The one I am considering is Dreamhost, and I am not anticipating any problems.

Thanks for the feedback; I will be sure to double check for dev mode in future!! πŸ™‚

BTW, is it important to turn dev mode off once a site has been developed and goes "public"? Or shall I keep dev mode turned on so I can always see the markup_id if I need to change something later on?

Hey Wyn,

Beans works on pretty much any hosting plans (even super cheap share hosting) and if it doesn't, feel free to setup temporary cendentials and send it via the contact form so that we can make sure it does work as expected.

Regarding turning dev mode on and off, I would advise to only turn it on while you are working on the site and off afterwards. While having the markup id output is not armeful (more and more JS frameworks such as React adds ID attributes), I think it is better to turn it off in other to keep your HTML clean.

Happy coding,

Oopsie! Right you were. Dev mode was not turned on.

(Makes me wonder how I found any markup_ids for that, since none were showing !!! I must have jumped directly into sundry css less code that I knew I would want, and been puzzled when none of it showed up.)

Egg on face πŸ™‚

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