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Hi, I'm just in the reading phase to dig into beans. And I have to say that searching is quite uncomfortable.

If for example I'm reading an interesting forum post mentioning pre_get_posts, I can't seem to find it in the docs or code snippets or code reference. Is there something wrong with me ??

I realized earlyer that you have to seach separately in docs, code snippets and code reference, because you can get an empty result in the first while getting 2 results in the second and 1 in the third. This is not making finding thing easy. Or am I off base? I begin to wonder...

And searches in the forums can be quite frustrating also, as seach results show long lists of single posts, not threads.

Sorry to dump my newbe frustrations here. I just thought it might be usefull to tell that someone can have such starting problems.

Hi Lore,

Thanks for your feedback. The forum search and the site various searches are all different and targeted to specific section. Let's start with the forum search, I understand your firstration and I just changed to way the results are displayed. Only topics/thread are being returned so that you don't see all the replies (multiple times) and can quickly scan through the results without distraction.

When it comes to searching on the site, you will see a filter on the right handside of any search which you can change to All (see here) If you want to search all sections of the site (excluding the forum which is completely separated, in fact it is a different WP install).

Hope that helps,

Hi Thierry, Thanks for your answer. And thanks for changing the formums' result display. For me it seems much better that way. I hope that it's the case for most people, otherwize I'd be uncomfortable with the idea that you changed it just because one persone was unhappy πŸ˜‰

Hi Lore, we love to take anybody's valuable feedback onboard and implement as quick as possible, so don't feel bad about it. Actually, feel good about it because you have just made other people lives better πŸ˜‰

Have fun,

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