Search Page Breaks


I'm not entirely sure what code I need to attach for this question but basically on this site ( if you search using the search box in the footer the search page bugs out after a few articles.

From inspecting element it looks like the line closes before going through all the articles.

I haven't got a search.php file in my child theme since I feel like this is an issue with another file but I have no idea where to start looking.

Thanks, Tim

Right, I see an extra </div> or two after each article. Can't really tell what's generating these but last time it happened to me I had just left a closing </div> tag in functions.php where I'd meant to delete it.

I'd go through any .php files you've made / altered that affect this page, just do a cntrl + f search for </div> — you'll probably see one or two which don't line up with an opening <div>. It's not necessarily search.php, could be a custom partial or something.

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