Retina Ready Logo Beans Template

Hi, I've inserted my logo via the wordpress admin panel into the beans template. Unfortunately, it looks very unsharp.

Is there any chance to make it high resolution ready by altering the code of the bean template?

If so, how?

Thank you so much in advance!


Hi Martin,

It is up to you to make your logo retina friendly, you can simply add your retina logo (size x2) and then the following line in your child theme functions.php to make it 50% smaller (or add custom CSS if you prefer):

beans_add_attribute( 'beans_logo_image', 'class', 'uk-width-1-2' );

I will let you make more research if you want more advanced retina CSS, for example alternating the logo.

Have fun,

Thanks, this worked perfectly!! 🙂

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