Replace UIKit with Bootstrap

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Is there a way to unload UIKit and replace it with Bootstrap? Are there hooks in Beans that can facilitate this?


Hello James,

As far as I know, Beans has been developped with Ui-Kit in mind (menu walkers etc). There's no easy way to replace it with Bootstrap.

And, should I add, there's a LOT of WP framework that uses Bootstrap here and there...

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Hello James,

Currently UIKit is deeply integrated into Beans. Take a stroll through the Fragments and Structures to view how Beans renders out the HTML including the class attributes.

For example, opening up the lib/templates/structure/header-partial.php file, notice how the class attributes are configurable within the beans_open_markup_e() function:

beans_open_markup_e( 'beans_header', 'header', array(
  'class'     => 'tm-header uk-block',
  'role'      => 'banner',
  'itemscope' => 'itemscope',
 'itemtype'  => '',
) );

  beans_open_markup_e( 'beans_fixed_wrap[_header]', 'div', 'class=uk-container uk-container-center' );

    * Fires in the header.
     * @since 1.0.0
   do_action( 'beans_header' );

  beans_close_markup_e( 'beans_fixed_wrap[_header]', 'div' );

beans_close_markup_e( 'beans_header', 'header' );

You can override that behavior, changing the class atributes. However, right now in the 1.x version, it's quite tedious.

We are planning to provide the means of disabling UIKit in Beans v2. You can track its progress in this issue on GitHub.

<happy coding>


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