Replace off canvas menu by slide down menu

Hi, now the client want an additional menu on top and this one as to be off canvas.

I don't know how to do this.

So on top a off canvas menu, and below a toggle menu

I have a mockup i would like to upload, but i don't know if i can upload things here

Hey Alex, you may share files using Cloudup as it is mentioned in the blue box above your forum editor πŸ˜‰

this is the image :

Behaviour slide down menu :

Behaviour off canvas menu :

Desktop layout :

So i need to transform the primary menu from off canvas to something that's slide down when i click.

Make a secondary menu which will be off canvas on the right and with a X to close it.

I am having harder time on this part than on the whole theme πŸ™

I am really lost when it comes to menus....

Hi Alex,

I think the simplest would be to keep the built in offcanvas for the navbar menu et build the custom dropdown for the main menu. So you would register a new menu (topbar for example). You can then find inspiration from this conversation to do your topbar dropdown.

Hope that helps,

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