Repeating data-markup-id for dropdown menus

Hi Thierry,

I made a header menu with a dropdown and a footer menu with a different dropdown. The problem is that the beans_sub_menu_wrap and beans_sub_menu is the same for both and I can't change the design of the top dropdown without affecting the design of the bottom one.

Any idea how I can get past this problem without inserting the menu directly in the function.php ?


Hi Mike,

This is a very good question! You are right to say that beans_sub_menu_wrap and beans_sub_menu don't have subfilters so you can target it it directly.

It is added to Beans 1.3.1 which will be released tomorrow so one more day to wait unless you grab the latest version from github 🙂


I've now encountered this, I only want to add some class attributes to the first sub menu. But using beans_sub_menu[_navbar] adds the class to both submenus. Any suggestions?

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