Remove UK-Container from header

Hello all,

So I'm trying to make the header extend to take up the full page width. The code I've used to remove "uk-container" is:

beans_remove_attribute('beans_header', 'class', 'uk-container');

However, it doesn't remove the class from the div in the header. Am I targeting the wrong element?

Thanks, Caroline

Hi Caroline,

Did you enabled the "development mode" ? Because you targed the wrong data-markup-id:

beans_header instead of beans_fixed_wrap[_header]

Edited code:

beans_remove_attribute('beans_fixed_wrap[_header]', 'class', 'uk-container');

Hello Jozi,

I figured I was targeting the wrong element but when I searched the documentation I couldn't find the right one. Thank you very much, this worked perfectly!

I am very happy that this helped you,

You can't find every unique data-markup-id on documentation, Beans offers an option developement mode, you can enable that on WordPress Dashboard -> Appearance -> Settings.

Enable it and you can target easily the right data-markup-id, just by inspecting the element you want with your browser... But when you have done with development of your theme, turn it off again so your styles and scripts can be compiled again (if they are enabled)...

Happy coding!

Hello Jozi,

That's awesome, I didn't realize it had that option. I typically do all my coding on localhost so I don't bother with development mode, but I'll turn that on now that I know.

Thank you once again!

Hi guys, I just wanted to share that this answer might be helpful too to better understand how to find markup id and actions.

Happy coding,

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