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I am a retired mathematician who does small projects constructing web pages for small business and personal use. I have been using WordPress for some years with simple child themes. So Beans looked like a great theme and my first try worked well for me. However, it does not natively support printing a page well. Case in point was which some people wanted to print. Wordpress TwentyThirteen to TwentySixteen themes handle print well but Beans prints an almost blank page 1 and page 3 with only a small amount of the actual content on page 2.

Is there print stylesheet that needs to be included? Am I missing something really obvious?

Thanks for any help


Hi Lachlan,

This is a bug with Firefox and UIkit grid layout. To solve it, add the following code to your style.css file :

@media print {
    .uk-grid {
        display: inline !important;

I hope this will solve your problem.

Hi Etienne,

This piece of code solved the problem.

Many thanks for your help.


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