Post Pagination

I wanted to know if post pagination is included - the code below from the doc gives the impression that it is...

function beans_post_content_navigation() {

  echo wp_link_pages( array(
    'before' => beans_open_markup( 'beans_post_content_navigation', 'p', array( 'class' => 'uk-text-bold' ) ) . beans_output( 'beans_post_content_navigation_text', __( 'Pages:', 'tm-beans' ) ),
   'after'  => beans_close_markup( 'beans_post_content_navigation', 'p' ),
   'echo'   => false,
  ) );


HOWEVER there is no changes being made when I use the


Am I missing something?

Hi Dee,

The post pagination works fine to me. Maybe you are writing the 'next post' HTML comment in the Visual tab instead of Text tab in the TinyMCE.

Joseph, It was an error on my part- copying and pasting left errors within the


Thanks for responding!

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