Hi, I have a hero image in the header. I would like to have the content move over this image when you scroll down.

I have added this.

beans_add_attribute('beans_main', 'data-uk-parallax', '{y: "-2100"}');

It gives the effect but leaves me with a large white space underneath the footer. Any Idea how I can fix this or implement the effect in a better way?

Hey Bas,

I haven't personally used the parallax component but the first question that comes to my mind is why adding it to the main div which might be source of the issue.

It is also very difficult to give an accurate answer without being able to inspect the page HTML.


Thx Thierry, I choose the main because I want eveything to go over hero/header image. But as I do not have expereince with parallax there is probably a better solution.


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