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p k

Hi guys hope you can help.

There are a few things I need help on and have searched but cant find an answer to.

I have made a page template and it is available in the page template dropdown.

  1. How do I add an option on the page backend to remove page title via the page template file?
  2. How do I remove breadcrumbs from a page?
  3. Is there any hope in the future of maybe video tutorials showing how to build a theme from scratch? All frameworks are lacking this one thing. It would probably answer a lot of questions that keep arising.


Hey PK,

  1. So if I understand well you want to have an option box on the side with a checkbox to show/hide the post title right? If yes, could you give me your page template filename and I will write you a quick code example.
  2. See the code snippet here 🙂
  3. Yes it is on the road map but I don't have an ETA on that.


p k

Hi yes that is correct, not post title page title. The only problem I see is the code snippet which i saw before removes breadcrumbs on every page? Name of page Full-Width-No-Padding.php


Hey PK, so if I understand well you have a page template called full-width-no-padding.php and you want to remove the breadcrumb only for that page template right?

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