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Ok - There is the practice of calling content on different parts of a page especially which block of texts appears where on that page.

Now would it be silly to post in a page template a bunch of texts that appears in full width backgrounds (different styles for each) or would it make sense to register sections in the backend and call them in the template instead?

If so what would be the better practice? It's kind of like SSpace quickblocks concept without the annoying drag and drop stuff.

Thank you. Beans has really opened the mind for advanced learning.

Hey Dee,

Yes it is totally a good approach to build fields in the backend according to your content needs and output call them in your templates.

This is a bit too long to explain in details and take some learning but I would strongly advise to look at some of the ressources here. Alexandra's uses this method extentively for her client websites and does some pretty cool stuff using Carbon Fields so I would advise you to check her bitbuckets repositories.

Happy coding,

Ok I don't understand how carbon fields works so that was the major conflict. I'll check that just to see if makes things easier

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