Output-Error with Doctype and beans output – tm-beans bug

Dear Beanser,

i work intensive on a system that needs beans and acf-pro. I used the ACF-Pro Options-Page (native by wordpress). I no know if this is the failure. But after settings i become the follow markup in the browser. Have this problem anybody seen before?

<!-- close output: beans_doctype -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- open output: beans_doctype -->

It seems to be a database-error.

UPDATE: I tryed a new WP installation and activate the tm-beans (actually). I do some settings in the WP Costumizer (set static front-page, set stanard beans-layout ... ) and the same markup like on top will be written in the browser-output. It seems to be a bug in tm-beans.

UPDATE: Ok ... it is only when developer mode is enabled.

Thank you an best regards. Marcus

Hi Marcus,

does this only happen when you are using an ACF options page or generally? I don't see this on my test site.

On a site note, you will only see the 'Beans HTML hooks' when you are in development mode.

Hi Christoph,

this is happen generally if developer-mode in backend is enabled.

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