Outlines since Theme-Update

Hey Beans-Community,

since last update any parts have outlines on click, also hier on the beans-page. The outlines are allmost in Safari ... especialy on menu and other content-parts. But its no normal css-outline.

best regards Marcus

I also noticed the outlines. thought it was just me. oh I'm using Chrome.

is there anything I can do to hide it?

another thing ' the footer behaves oddly ' once loaded it appears blank before it loads as normal. also noticed the change in how modification is displayed

Found it in the end of file /tm-beans/lib/assets/less/style.less,

/* Display outline on focus */
:focus {
    color: #333;
    outline: 1px #ccc solid;



the outline on focus is part of improving accessibility in Beans 1.5. It's also preventing Chrome's default blue outline color (see screenshot).

You can overwrite the :focus styles in your stylesheet. https://d.pr/i/52Be3w

Nice find Joseph,

Those outlines were really annoying me.

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