Optimizing Beans for production

Hi everyone! I have a Beans theme which is nearing completion and wondered if anyone could recommend a tool or process to Minify and optimize it.

I have found some plugins which I have installed on my PROD site to help with Gzipping and image optimization, as well as helping with minifying CSS & JS. Thing is, when I run this pageSpeed test I get feedback which indicate two things glaring things...

  1. Optimize images: My images are not compressed enough, despite being run through a task runner
  2. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content How would you do that within Bean/wordpress theme?

Thanks in advance! Antonio

Here are few things I can recommend when you are pushing site to production.

  1. Go to Appearance->Settings.
  2. Turn on "Compile all WordPress styles"
  3. Turn on "Compile all WordPress scripts"
  4. Select "Aggressive" in "Compile all WordPress scripts" dropdown.
  5. Turn off "Enable development mode"

As these optimizations are built right into beans, you don't have to resort to additional plugins for minifying CSS and JS.

For optimizing images you can install a plugin like "EWWW Image Optimizer"

Hey Antonio,

I would just like to add something to Kanishk great suggestions which will should definitely apply.

Your current slider image sizes are 3000 x 2001 but the size used is 1074 x 716 which Google Insignts is complaining. It also considerably slows down your page.

The only reason you would load bigger images (not that big in any case) would be if you were loading a version for retina screens in which case Insignts wouldn't complain. It doesn't look like Soliloquy slider is using the correct HTML for that, at least not your your install.

So I would suggest to apply all Kanishk suggestions and reduce all your images to 1074 x 716 🙂

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