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hi guys,

I'm using uk-modal to open static content in a modal, however i was wondering how i could load a post content inside a modal?

Imagine a loop, where each post has a "read more" button, and this button would open the post content in a modal.

Ideally the modal would only show the content of a div with ID "modal" in my single post template.

any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Alex, it's doable, as i have done it here last year : (click on portfolio items) I am busy now, and cannot remind or search the exact solution. i'll try to do that when i will have a moment 🙂

Hi Alexandra,

that would be great!

Thanks a lot

From what i can see from your source code, You are loading the modal div in each article loop template. thats a great solution, and i've done the same for another case, but it wont work in this case.

i am making a svg interactive map, the links to my custom post are hard coded links inside the svg, this is why I was hopping for an ajax based solution.

thank you for your input!

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