No results on search community at all !

Is there anybody here with search-results problems in this forum too? I can´t search for anything for days. The result is always de same: Whoops, no result found! It´s been days and I´m kind of desperate by now!

It's definitely not returning anything. Even trying to search for things that I know exist. I'm using a Google dork as a workaround. searchterm

At least, I'm not the only one! Yes, i'm using google too. But it's awful! I'm about to begin another project and I'm definitely thinking about not using beans just because of that.

Ah, nice. Thanks for the explanation.

The fact that this isn't being fixed is making me a bit nervous about using Beans ongoing. It seems like such a little thing to fix and for anyone starting out, searching is really necessary and it's a bit of a pain to always have to type the search into the address bar (thanks Joseph B!). I also think this limits the community input since it makes it hard to find anything. I just finished my first project in Beans and really love it but this has me wondering where this project is going. Any chance of getting this fixed?

The search in the sidebar is fixed.

Thank you, Christoph!

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