Newbie, question about css

Hi there! I am new to Beans, I have no coding or programming background but have set up a few WP sites the past three years and taught myself basic HTML and CSS (and some minimal PHP...). So after setting up all these sites I realised that I am always doing A LOT of custom css and php in child themes, and it would make more sense to start with a very bare theme for speed optimization, instead of using a very bloated theme and still maing adjustments to it 🙂

I have a question about adding css to my child theme: I have no knowledge of less, can I still use normal css in the stylesheet? WOuld it be better to use less? Or can I even ad my regular css to the less file in the child theme?

Thanks! Dora

Dora, welcome. i had no experience with less before beans. what i did was a little background on less just to have a basic understanding. i did proceed to check theough the 3rd party child themes as its a little different and it gives another understanding of working with beans.

to answer your questions yes you can use css. however less is quicker and less codes being used. i suggest you look through the documentation and this forum it is definitely educational and you'll learn some tips and tricks. hope this helps.

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