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My name is Grégoire and I live in Switzerland. My mother tongue is French and unfortunately, I have to use Google translate to post this message.

I have 15 years of Dotclear CMS practice. I know very well how it works, which is not the case of Wordpress that I discover only for 2 days.

I have to go to Wordpress for a big project and I discover the system. I chose Beans because the layout suits me well.

My question is certainly very simple, but I can not find the answer in the Beans documentation.

In the homepage, I need to move the image just below the title and I don't want to make it with CSS.

Currently, the format is as follows, as when I just install the theme: Title Posted by / date Image Post excerpt Continue reading Category

I need this:

Title Image Post excerpt Posted by / date Continue reading Category

Reading the Wordpress document, I seem to have to find in loop.php the function that calls images. No. Some further research, I discovered the existence of fragments in the theme. I searched for a page named front-page, or home. Still no. Neither in fragments nor in structure.

So the simple question is: where can i modify positionning image on the homepage without CSS ?

Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad english !


Hello Grégoire,

Actually, you just need to move the post meta, i.e. the HTML that has Posted on date | by.

By default, Beans loads it like this:

  1. Title
  2. Post meta
  3. Image
  4. Content (with Continue reading if there's a read more link)
  5. Filed under: category

To relocate the post meta from below the post's title to below the post's content, you would do this:

beans_modify_action( 'beans_post_meta', 'beans_post_body' );

But that will render it after the Continue reading link. Therefore, to relocate from the below the post's title and put it between the post's content or excerpt and the Continue reading link, you would do this:

beans_modify_action( 'beans_post_meta', 'beans_post_more_link_before_markup' );

Cheers, Tonya

Thanks for your answer ! I try it as soon as possible.

At this time, i'm looking to add a frontpage with a second loop on the right of the frontpage.

i want to make the layout like the frontpage of (make with Dotclear). I have some difficult to understand how to use and modify wordpress theme...


Hello Grégoire,

If you want to add a frontpage, you first have to decide between using a home.php or a frontpage.php template. Both have quite different usage. Have a look here, too.

You can find some threads here, in the Beans Forum, dealing with how to create a custom frontpage. This thread could help you, I think.

In my opinion, you should probably have a basic understanding of how WordPress works before diving into Beans. Mostly because "Beans is WordPress minded". I can't recommend you enough to read the WordPress Codex. Some part of it are in french.

By the way, I speak french too. Your not the only one here to use Google translate from time to time 🙂 I'll be happy to help.

Have a nice day,



Merci pour ton message. Tu as raison... j'ai bien besoin de faire mes expériences avec WP avant de bricoler mon propre thème...

Je pensais pouvoir faire comme avec Dotclear, c'est à dire chercher quel code amène quel affichage à l'écran sur quel fichier. Mais comme je ne trouve pas les fichiers en question, ma méthode ne fonctionne pas du tout. Je vais devoir faire comme tout le monde, soit apprendre.

Merci quand même !

Translate by myself, not with google:

Hi, Ok, I need to learn how WP work before making my own theme. I think I can use Wordpress like Dotclear, but the way I choose isn't OK.

A bientôt, Grég

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