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Hi Thierry,

I am working with a collegue / client of yours on and am about to make some design amendments and content updates to the site. I have never worked with Beans before and to be honest Im not even sure where to begin. For example, I simply need to update the site logo, but im not finding any form of Control Panel that allows me to edit the site logo, or where would I specify fonts if I wanted to change them? Im not sure what I am missing but I am having trouble finding where to actually edit design and layout on the site. Please point me in the right direction. Im used to working with Themes that use visual editors like Visual Composer, etc.

Regards, Brent

Hi Brent,

Updating something as simple as the site logo can be done via the regulkar Appearance > Customize screen in the admin area.

However, adding / removing / modifying existing markup requires the use of the beans API. It may be particularly useful to read the docs on the Markup & Attributes:

Hi Brent,

As Simon correctly said, the site identity can be changed via the Customizer->Site Identity. For instance, uses text for the site identity.

When it comes to editing the design, Beans is a powerful, flexible and fast theme for professionals and does not have a visual builder (especially not Visual Compsoer which is very poorly coded). Instead, it offers powerful API's allowing devs to achieve pretty much anything via the child theme, in an elegant and optimized way.

I second Simon advise to go through the documentation and other forum discussions (for instance the new thread). I will happily answer any other question you may have.

Happy coding,

hi guys,

thanks for your respective replies. i looked at the documentation and unless im really not getting it, there is no control panel to edit styling or layout and it all has to be done in code? please visit this link:

if i wanted to make those 3 simple amendments, would i have to edit php template files?

regards brent

Hi Brent,

Correct, Beans comes with the WordPress Core built-in options + an option to set the sidebar layouts. It is by no mean a theme bloated with options, visual builder etc. All other modifications should done in the child theme (and a functionality plugin if need be) via the code using WordPress Core API's as well as Beans Core API's.

I see that you managed to make the necessary changes, well done 🙂

Happy coding,

Hi Thierry,

Ok great, thanks. That helps me understand what I am able to achieve with my current skillset.

Kind regards, Brent

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