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Hi Alexanda, Very impressive on the speed for that website. And it wasn't a lucky shot, GTMetrix gives the same results. I also like the design for the starter theme, although some fonts are a little small on desktop, but that's probably just not my personal preference.

I've started exploring Beans just a few days ago, came to the forum for some answers and saw your post. I will install it for further inspection, LOL!

Hi Didou, I'm really happy that you like it! I have make it look nice, but this is a starter theme to build what ever you want! The purpose is to have a good file organization and workflow. To increase the fonts for ex it's very easy, just go to assets/less/initial-theme/variables and increase the @global-font-size to 20px for ex πŸ™‚

Have fun and I would be happy if you post what you've build upon it!

I've installed the theme and went over the directory structure and file-content. I must say I'm impressed by the dedication to make it as transparant as possible!

I was able to quickly find my way to the right files and found things were put into a logical context.

A few things I noticed were that you used regular markup in some functions ( wst_display_top_bar(), header.php and wst_set_up_footer_structure(), footer.php ) and offcourse the twig templates. Writing them that way prohibits you to build on them using beans functions like markup and attributes, but I guess you're gonna want to rewrite parts of the code anyway when you create a new theme!

I will be using this as my starter theme for sure!

Hi Didou, Thanks for the nice words, I really appreciate it!

I have not use the beans functions to build the markup because this is a child theme and it can be modified directly.

But if you think about a reason why they would be usefull in a child theme I would be happy to hear it. For sure I will use them when i will build plugins!

About timber, I really love it and use it in all my projects, that's why I have included it here, as this is my personal starter theme that I also use myself to build all my projects.

If you don't like timber I have just released a version without it on another branch here :

I will be happy to hear any suggestion you'll have for my future themes or plugins.

I will begin really developing things after beans2 release πŸ™‚

Hi Alexandra - Your starter theme is exactly what I needed! very educational as it allows one to improve their knowledge if they're new to alot of things and 'playing' around allows just that in this starter theme - even faster building in my opinion. Β  Definitely understand why this is your go to approach for every site you build.

Some questions -
In your demo, responsive mode on mobile, Sub menus automatically appears when the parent is hovered (primary menu- ) Is this same functionality enabled for menus on off-canvas? Β  if not - can that functionality be included as well?

Your demo hide post titles in the hero section is this something that allows you to turn it off? title appears in both hero and post on single page.

How do we switch from the default icons to an alternative?

Since you shared you're waiting for beans2 release you will build more themes - you're planning to update this one in the future ? example uikit3

Thanks for allowing us to learn how to clean up our files!

HI, thanks for the nice words, you make my day πŸ™‚

I am actually attending a full stack javascript bootcamp until end of march, so I have really no time to answer you until then, as my mind is immersed in js for this time, and it's intense!

Yes i will of course make a beans 2 version with uikit 3, as I will need it myslef for my project@ This is also my own starter theme that i use for every project πŸ˜‰

Keep in touch!

No worries about the questions. I completely understand.

I was able to make some changes here and there that works for me. But I look forward to learning more from your up-coming releases

Thanks again!


Great! It really makes me happy to see that my product is usefull to others πŸ™‚

Please show me what you will build on it!

Hi Alexandra, Awesome job! Do you have in mind for future, to add panel option and also 2header style? Have a nice day.

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