My first site on Beans finished

Hi everyone!

I can pretty much say I've finished my first site with beans framework.

It was an excellent experience. I happened to get more than I expected. As a more image-driven person, since I had a background closer to design, I hardly touched code before. But since I wanted to be able to get more in terms of speed, code quality and robustness, I wanted more.

Beans was just what I wanted. I will definitely use it for future projects, starting tomorrow, with a couple of customer sites. But with the experience achievde with this first project, I'm confident now.

All right, the site isn't 100% finished.

I still need to figure out how to solve the dropcap not showing up properly in chrome and some mobile navigators (as it appears perfectly on firefox).

I will ad a blog, soon.

I will add some more content. For me, sites are never quite "finished". I always do something as time goes by.

Thierry: thank you for your great support.


Hey Sami,

Congratulation on your website, great work on the performance tunning too πŸ™‚ I am very happy to hear that you love Beans and that it made you dive in the beautiful world of code (sometimes painful at the beginning). A website isn't an object, it is an on-going piece of art as you correctly stated πŸ˜‰

Looking forward to seeing your client projects!


Nice website Sami,

I'm currently trying to get into creating websites with wordpress and beans too and am having some trouble. So I was wondering, did you use the beans starter child theme and built on top of that or did you build the theme from scratch? Also, as someone who was new to beans, how would you advise someone new to both wordpress and beans to start learning the ropes?

Hi Robin!

I'm sorry for taking so long to answer you, but I was away...

On my procedure with this site.

I installed Beans and the child theme:

Then, I installed the plugin child theme modifications for Beans, from Theme Butler:

All changes and personalization I did using the files inside the plugin, without touching the actual child theme files.

On my experience with Beans and other frameworks.

I tried and used several frameworks and starter themes. So many I lost count. Some of them are well documented. Some are pretty confusing and are not logical. Some require you to pay for proper support. Some are bloated with useless stuff. Some are poorly coded. Most of the good stuff demands payment.

On the other hand, Beans gives you control of everything, is well documeted, the support is the best (thanks Thierry!), its professionally coded and is very logical.

It is not as easy as picking up a theme from wordpress and start from there. You don't even need to touch a lin of code... But in the end of the day, you will be limited. Previously, every time I had to make a site, I'd spent a couple of days (sometimes more) testing themes to find out what could fit my demand.

Since I discovered Beans, I can just start from there and make myself any changes so it suits my present needs. So, it pays out in the end.

For me, the best thing that I found out since I first discovered wordpress was Beans.


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